Books for Patients

Books can be a fabulous way to deepen your knowledge about your health. Reading is a great way to stay up to date because new research is coming out all the time.


Woman code 

Author and holistic health coach, and one of my personal heroes, Alisa Vitti, wrote Women Code in order to encourage other women to heal their hormonal imbalances. It contains a helpful guide to changing diet and lifestyle to treat common hormone imbalances in women.  Vitti herself suffered from symptoms of polycystic ovaries, and became determined to turn her life around in a way that addressed the root cause of her disease. In the process of healing herself, she learned how lifestyle changes can make a big impact.  In the book she shares her personal experiences and empowers women to take control of their health.   I recommend this book for women experiencing symptoms related to PCOS, infertility, and PMS or any woman who wants to gain a better understanding about how to improve their cycles.


the Microbiome solution 

Dr. Robynne Chutkan, a mother and gastroenterologist, learned first hand about the importance of microbiome health.   Through her patients with unexplained debilitating digestive symptoms she realized the traditional western medical workup often left her patients feeling hopeless and without answers.  Throughout the book Dr. Chutkan explains how some of our modern health problems stem from the disruption of a healthy balance of gut bacteria.  She delves into the factors that are contributing to our unhealthy guts and then provides options to restore the system's function and alleviate the suffering of chronic digestive distress.  I recommend this book to many of my patents expressing a host of problems connected to antibiotic overuse and our modern lifestyle's negative impact on a healthy mircobiome.   


The autoimmune solution 

Chances are you or someone you know has been diagnosed with some type of autoimmune condition.  Some experts say that we are currently experiencing an epidemic of autoimmunity.  In autoimmune diseases your own immune system goes rogue and attacks integral parts of your body instead of foreign invaders.  Autoimmune diseases are difficult to diagnose and have few treatment options in the western medical paradigm.  Dr. Amy Myers, who is a leader in the functional medicine world, explores in depth the risk factors for developing autoimmune diseases and the lifestyle shifts that can prevent their occurrence and alleviate their symptoms.  I recommend this books to patients with family history of autoimmune diseases and those who find themselves suffering unexplained symptoms on the autoimmune spectrum.



Dr. Aviva Romm is a women's health specialist and advocate who is one of my personal heroes.  In this book she connects the dots form her exploration of women's health over the years to help patients understand the root cause of chronic fatigue, sluggish metabolism, and imbalanced hormones.  her book outlines a program to heal, prevent and reverse these symptoms.  Dr.  Romm describes a phenomenon she calls Survival Overdrive Syndrome, SOS, which happens as a result of the body being overloaded by stressors.  She then explains how SOS affects your thyroid and adrenal system creating problems with sleep, weight, mood, energy, hormones, and more.  She then outlines some strategies for getting your life back. 

root cause.jpg


Hasimoto's thyroid disease is an extremely common condition that affects many of my patients and has become one of my areas of expertise.  In this facsinating book Isabella Wentz explains her own journey understanding the root causes of this disease.  After having years of symptoms and being told nothing was wrong she finally was diagnosed and offered medication treatment.   However, she was told there was nothing else she could do to improve the symptoms not alleviated by medication.  Her detailed book explores the science behind lifestyle approaches to healing thyroid disease through nontraditional treatment options including natural thyroid hormone and supplements. 



This cookbook both outlines the symptoms of Hasimoto's and describes how certain foods may act as triggers worsening the condition.  Karen Frazier has been living with Hasimoto's for most of her life and very quickly realized how hard it was figure out meals that avoided these triggers many of which were staples of the American diet.  She provides a whole month's worth of grocery lists and over 125 recipes designed to help with Hashimoto's symptoms.