What's a Tool Kit?

My favorite holistic and practical strategies for handling everyday health concerns, from sinus infections to UTIs.


Sinus infections 

Recurrent sinusitis is a common problem facing many of my patients and I have come to see it as a vicious cycle.  Sinusitis actually just means inflammation of the sinus cavities.  Most people don't realize that this inflammation which causes sinus symptoms including pain, pressure, headaches, and nasal discharge, are not all caused by bacteria, but also by allergies, viruses and environmental triggers.  In addition, with every treatment course of antibiotics for a "sinus infection" the micrbiome of the sinus cavities is shifted towards more pathologic bacteria upsetting the natural balance and causing a predisposition to further infection.      


Urinary Track Infection 

Many of my patients experience frequent UTI symptoms which are frustrating and uncomfortable and often occur at the most inconvenient times.  If you're only treatment available is antibiotics getting access to medical care to receive those antibiotics can be a challenge.  However, most physicians don't give women options to work to prevent UTIs or treat them in their early stages without antibiotics.  In addition, with more antibiotics infections become more difficult to treat and occur more often.  The broad spectrum antibiotics often used to treat UTI also wreak havoc on the body especially your digestive system and your vaginal health.  


Vaginitis (Yeast and Bv infections)

One of the most common complaints from my female patients is that of frequent uncomfortable vaginal infections usually caused by yeast and bacterial vaginosis or BV.  These infections are frequently the direct consequence of a course of antibiotics she has taken for another problem.  However, even after treatment with oral and topical medications the symptoms tend to recur cyclically especially surrounding a women's period and during times of stress.