Natural Products

Unfortunately the cosmetic industry in the US is one of the most unregulated in the world. The EU has banned 1,328 different chemicals, while the US has banned only 11 from our cosmetics. Often, products uses ingredients that are untested or have been found to be unsafe. Some of these chemicals can work as endocrine disruptors, altering hormones, cause cancer, genetic mutation, or reproductive harm. Therefore, the responsibility has been passed on to consumers to research products, what’s in them, and wether or not they are safe.


Nontoxic Deodorant

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Started by two friend in their kitchen in Philadelphia, and featured on the show Shark Tank. Has activated charcoal in a creamy base. Because charcoal is porous, it is highly absorbent making it a great natural ingredient for deodorant.

Face & Body Oils

JoJoba Oil

This commonly available oil is an incredible natural moisturizer. It has anti fungal and antimicrobial properties, as well as natural forms of Vitamin E. It can help fight oxidation from the environment and is also great rubbed on the scalp to get rid of dandruff. If you are someone who has acne-prone skin it might seem counterintuitive to use an oil, but jojoba can actually control sebum production because it is so molecularly similar to the sebum naturally produced by skin. It is also anti-inflammatory and can soothe eczema and psoriasis.

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Rosehip Oil

Another anti-inflammatory oil that is rich in Vitamins A & C. This one is great as a facial moisturizer because it increases cell turnover, boosts collagen, and can help fade scars and hyperpigmentation. It can also brighten skin tone and because its a heavy duty moisturizer, its especially great in the winter.

Natural Toothpaste

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Davids Premium natural Toothpaste

Made in USA and verified by the Environmental Working Group. Comes in a chic metal tube that looks cute and is recyclable. Has a wonderful taste, non-sudsy due to having no sulfates.