Thyroid Tool Kit


Test Don’t Guess

On any patient I suspect may be at risk for hypothyroidism based on symptoms or family history. I routinely send a complete panel of thyroid testing. Traditional primary care uses the blood test called TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) as the screening test for hypothyroidism. However, simply using this test and applying the standard reference range misses a vast group of women and the opportunity for early lifestyle interventions. A full thyroid panel includes not only TSH, but the circulating thyroid hormones free T3, T4, and Hashimoto’s antibodies as well as reverse T3.

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Did you know absorption of thyroid medications can be decreased by 50% or more simply by consuming coffee within an hour of taking it? To get the most out of your dose, take it early in the morning on a totally empty stomach, and wait a full hour before consuming anything besides water. Some people do this by setting an alarm for an hour before they are supposed to wake up, taking the medicine, and going back to bed, or by taking it when they wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Both of these strategies can help you maximize the efficaciousness of the medication. 

how to support your Thyroid

Women often ask besides taking thyroid hormones what else can I do to support my overall thyroid health. The thyroid relates on key nutrients to support optimal nutrient production and reduce autoimmune inflammation. Below are some arrivals about how to support your thyroid through diet and lifestyle.


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You should consider a thyroid specific supplemental support especially if your iodine is low or if you have thyroid antibodies; adding selenium could help reduce them.  For the thyroid support supplements take two caps a day in the morning.


The thyroid relies on three key vitamins Iodine, Zinc, and Selenium to create it's hormone and reduce inflammation.  I recommend 200mg of Selenium to all my patients who have Hashimoto's as it has been shown clinically to reduce Hashimoto’s antibodies.  Iodine is the building block of thyroid hormone, but should usually be taken with selenium as these nutrients must remain in balance for optimal results.