Tools to Help Rebalance Vaginal Flora



Lifestlye startegies to keep your vagina happy 

Back to the basics, both yeast and BV are promoted by excess sugar in the diet so clean eating habits can help keep them at bay.    As women tend to experience flares around their cycles some of my patients have found making the switch to  organic tampons or using an alternatives, like the Diva cup, has helped reduce flare ups.  Semen also makes the vagina more basic in nature which allows overgrowth of bacteria, so keep this in mind when trying to get over an infection.  All of these strategies can be combined with typical western treatment of oral and topical medications, improving their effectivness. 

Another culprit that may be imbalancing the delicate ecosystem of the vagina are the products that get put into it, which by in large are full of endocrine disrupters, carcinogens and other substances that keep your good flora from thriving.

probiotics are your Vagina's friend 

Yeast and BV infections represent a lack of healthy vaginal bacteria, so one strategy is to add probiotic foods and both oral an topical vaginal probiotic products.



Raid your kitchen for relief 

This tip was actually introduced to me by a patient.  Apple cider vinegar has many medicinal properties it is both anti-bacterial and anti-yeast and can be used in a diluted form as a vaginal rinse during times of bacterial overgrowth.  Another home remedy is to apply organic cold pressed coconut oil on the vaginal skin which is both soothing and also treats infection.