Tools for UTI

Below are some tools to prevent and treat UTI symptoms before they escalate.


Lifestyle advice to help prevent a UTI

Many people especially in New York City do not pee frequently enough.  Simply urinating more frequently is a good way to keep the urinary system flushed and prevent bacterial overgrowth.  In addition drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated keeps the urinary system from being stagnant.  Just as important what you drink also plays a role in your urinary health. Especially surrounding infections avoid sugar and sugary beverages, alcohol and caffeine.  Sugar gets excreted in the urine and literally feeds bacteria.  Also eating probiotic foods can help keep your vaginal and gut bacteria healthy which decreases risk of UTI.  Finally, patients generally know, but often fail to urinate after intercourse every time.  I tell my patients to try and pee like a race horse to really flush the system.


This supplement has been a life saver for many of my patients who experience frequent UTIs.  Most of us have heard about drinking cranberry juice to help ward off UTI symptoms.  The supplement D-Mannose is a more powerful form of the active ingredient of cranberries and also does not contain the sugar found in most cranberry juice.  D-Mannose works by coating the lining of the bladder so that bacteria can not stick to it helping bacteria be more eaisly flushed out of the system.  It can be used as a prevention strategy or taken more frequently at the first sign of UTI symptoms.  It has no reported side effects.